(1 liter) El Cantarito 44 Mix ®

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El Cantarito 44 Mix ®

With our El Cantarito 44 Mix ® now you can enjoy the original refreshing taste of El Cantarito 44 drinks from the comfort of your home or restaurant.  This way, you will easily prepare and share a cantarito at any time and in any place. 

El Cantarito 44 Mix ® is prepared with exquisiteness in different regions of Jalisco.  The freshness of the citrus juices makes El Cantarito 44 Mix ® irresistible for you and your guests..

El Cantarito 44 Mix ® recipe:

Avoid the hassle and the mess of mixing all the ingredients necessary for a Cantarito.  Just pour a shot of El Cantarito 44 Mix ®, add ice, grapefruit soda, and your favorite tequila.  You will instantly have a 100% Mexican Cantarito de tequila, also known as jarrito, cazuela or paloma.  Enjoy and Cheers!


(Try use a El Cantarito 44 clay pot or mug)

  • Rim cantarito or mug with salt or dry chilli
  • Add ice
  • 2 oz (1 shot) El Cantarito 44 Mix ® 
  • Grafruit Soda/Sparkling Water
  • 1 shot of tequila

(optional decoration: slice of lime, grapefruit or orange)



This El Cantarito 44 Mix ® consists of 100% natural ingredients, no conservatives, no gmo, organic, FDA approved, no artificial flavors, gluten free, this premium mix is vegan.



** One Liter (33.8 fl oz) 1 QT 1.8 fl oz 

*** Each liter makes 16 drinks